Troy Ballard

Construction Manager
Troy Ballard

Troy Ballard’s 25+ years of construction experience have given him a strong understanding of the building process from several perspectives: general contractor, engineer, and developer. From direct experience, he knows the questions, concerns, and priorities common to each role. This helps him anticipate needs, streamline communication, and avoid issues. As a team leader and manager, Troy focuses on helping his people grow, develop new skills, and achieve their potential. He’s also deliberate about getting to know everyone on a personal level, building a “family” that has fun despite the hard work. Troy joined CFC in 2016.

Professional and Educational Background

Troy’s construction career began in the US Navy, with three years as a member of the United States Naval Construction Force (the “Seabees”). The thing is, Troy didn’t think he wanted to stay in construction. He couldn’t help thinking there was a stigma attached to it — a stigma he wanted to avoid.

Post-Seabees, Troy began studying engineering on the GI Bill. Unfortunately, the courses didn’t really interest him, and he ended up back in construction, spending two years as a Superintendent for a general contractor. He then tried to escape yet again, working for six years as a Certified Operational Engineer for a commercial development firm. But he found the “watching and reporting” work boring, so he again returned to construction. And while Troy continued to try out new roles in the years since, including serving as a Project Manager for an award-winning general contractor in California and as Director of Construction for a national development firm, he’s happy to admit he was wrong about the stigma. Troy has come to know construction as an exciting, rewarding industry filled with highly talented people. He is proud of the many properties and teams he’s helped to build over the years.

What Troy Values Most About Working at CFC

Troy appreciates that, at CFC, you’re often face to face with leadership, and your voice is heard, valued, and treated as important. In his experience, that’s not always the case with other builders. He explains, “With some of the bigger builders, you’re more of a number. Not a face or a person. They might know your name, but not who you are or your background. At CFC, we genuinely get to know and care about each other.”

Beyond Building

Though Troy is from Michigan and his wife Jennifer is from California, they’re both thrilled to have made their home in Colorado. Along with their two boys, they often spend weekends out in the mountains. In his free time, Troy also enjoys taking his crew out for happy hour or working out in the gym.

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