Paul Bleidt, LEED AP

Construction Manager
Paul Bleidt

Paul Bleidt’s 40+ years in construction include a diverse mix of residential and commercial experience, making him an ideal fit for large, complex multifamily, commercial, and tenant improvement projects. Drawing on his strong work ethic, collaborative approach, and robust subcontractor relationships, Paul consistently delivers high-quality, on-time, under-budget projects to CFC’s highly satisfied clients.

Paul’s colleagues appreciate his honesty, directness, and openness in talking about issues and ideas. Though his leadership style tends to be more laid-back — encouraging his team members to make their own decisions — he also ensures accountability for those decisions. Paul joined the CFC team in 2016.

Professional and Educational Background

Paul’s first construction project was a fort he built when he was 12. He was hooked, knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life. After working for a large national company for several years, Paul formally kicked off his career by establishing his own general contracting business, which he owned and operated for 12 years. The last 22 years saw him working as a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, or Manager of Special Projects for a range of general contractors, notably spending 11 years working for a nationally ranked commercial contractor in Colorado and 4 years working for a leading West Coast developer-builder. Paul holds a BS in Construction Management from Colorado State University. He is a LEED Accredited Professional certified by the US Green Building Council.

Paul has always appreciated being able to work for leaders he trusts and respects. That’s exactly why he’s been working for Orville Hinerman since 1998, joining him at several companies. The opportunity to continue working for Orville is what brought Paul to CFC in 2016.

What Paul Values Most About Working at CFC

Paul appreciates CFC’s team-based approach. He explains, “It’s never only ‘your’ problem. It’s a company problem. They’re always willing to jump in and assist.” CFC has created a culture in which everyone is encouraged to openly share problems and questions so that they can be solved more effectively by the team.

Beyond Building

Though he was born in Chicago, Paul grew up in Golden, Colorado. Still, he doesn’t dare call himself a “Colorado native,” because his wife — a true native from a Central City family that was part of the gold rush — would not approve. Paul loves the Colorado lifestyle, which lets him ski and golf on the very same day.

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